“Can you just draw this quick for me?” Guest Blogger: Denise Bertolotti

I am super excited to share with you a writing by a dear friend whom I met through our participation in our local rabbit rescue. Denise is a teacher, animal rescuer and holistic life coach. You can keep up with all she does over at DeniseBertolotti.com

"I work in a public high school. Every time someone needs something to look pretty, a sign made or a birthday card created, they scurry over to the art wing and expect the art teachers to drop everything and just create for them… like it’s as simple as loaning someone a pencil… Oh, the amount of supplies that people think the art teachers should just hand over to them is another story! Like there’s an endless paint fountain somewhere…

The expectations put on our artist colleagues and friends to create on the spot, for free, annoys me.

I have no doubt that the askers have respect for the talents of the artists. But it’s important to recognize the energy exchange, respect the time and value the talent our artist friends share with us. How many of us keep our talents to ourselves, clandestinely scribbling in a journal, pages and pages of stories we’ll never share with the world? Singing while doing the dishes but never busting out those notes in a public venue? Caring for a garden, a companion animal or a companion person with delicate love?

Our artist friends put it all out there for us. Let’s remember to respect their time and their talents, their giving nature and their boldness to share it all with the world.

And while you’re at it, share your talents too. Let’s exchange that energy."


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