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I am a creative problem-solver with an eye for design.  I continue to hone my personal skills through classes, research and hands-on experience so I may have new tips, techniques and projects to share with my students.    My diverse background in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Art Education gives me a unique skill set of traditional art such as drawing and painting, paired with technology and classroom management abilities.  

Since obtaining my Master's Degree in Art Education, I have worked as an educator in elementary and secondary grades as well as the college and adult level, where I currently instruct. I have also run educational art programs in studios, camps and schools while developing thoughtful lesson plans for young learners.  My teaching experience has gone beyond the classroom to include group studio painting sessions as well as private art tutoring for both adults and children to assist with college portfolio preparation, revisit a hobby in the arts or train in a new area and medium.

While completing custom pieces in things such as drawing and painting mediums, I also employ my skill set earned while obtaining my Bachelor's in Graphic Design to complete freelance and commission work in corporate identity, logos, signage, event materials, and vinyl decals.



Acrylic Paint

Oil Paint


colored pencil




Adobe Creative Suite

Microsoft Office

Mac and PC platforms


Graphic Design

Digital Painting



Jewelry Design

Etsy Shop Owner


Digital Photography

Traditional B&W 

photo re-touching


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